Hello I’m Suzie owner of Make Do and Wonder. We are a shop and a creative space. I make and sew kids clothes, adult clothes, accessories and anything else I can think of.

We stock beautiful little brands for kids and adults. We know the stories and the faces behind the brands and that’s how we like it.

We stock books we love and books you’ve told us you love. We like feminism, equality and empowerment and try to select books that reflect that.

We stock candles and things that smell nice because they brighten our mood and we hope they brighten yours too.

We stock things you can gift, that we’d love to unwrap.

We stock kids shoes that are awesome and we can measure your kids feet and find you something that fits.

We stock Nearly New kids clothes and you can swap yours for shop credit. We like the idea of saving on fabric waste because we have kids and know how much clothing they go through.

There’s Friendship in our shop. There’s laughter, community and heart. There’s more to discover and more to come. We hope you  can join us.