Repair and Revamp Service

Repair and Revamp Service

Book a free 10 minute consultation with me to see how I can breathe new life into your clothes. Extend the life of well-loved items or give something a brand new look.

Visible Mending

Patching up clothes with colourful darning or embroidery.

Darning prices start at £5 per 2cm2

Hand embroidery- Flowers, insects, abstract shapes. Prices start at £15 per 1cm2 depending on stitches and detail.

Discreet Mending

Take advantage of a free 10 minute consultation to see if I can mend something discreetly, to keep the piece as close to its original state as possible.

Prices on Consultation

Creative Patching

Cover damage with creative applique, handmade fabric and embroidery patches. Prices start from £20 per patch.

Revamp and Embellish

Choose trims, patches and applique to breathe new life into well-loved clothes. Prices on consultation.

Initials and Names

Personalise your clothing with embroidery or applique names or initials. Applique – Depending on size prices start at £5 per letter.

Embroidery – Depending on size, prices start at £25 per word.

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