You can bring your second hand  clothes in and exchange them for shop credit that can be used against Make Do and Wonder stock, including, books, toys and gifts. We offer roughly 40% of what we’ll sell the items for.

Offers will reflect the condition of the clothing. Please make sure items are clean, no stains, Moth infestations, irreparable holes, washed out items etc. Make sure you’d be happy to wear it if you didn’t already own it.

We do take high street but we try to avoid supermarkets and very low cost stores, Primark, Boo Hoo, Missguided etc. Unless it’s really special.

No basics like vests, underwear and pyjamas. No shoes.

For Kids clothes, we love colour and try to avoid gender stereotyping when it comes to colour and slogans etc.

Remember, we are not a charity shop so please be considerate before you make a drop.

Please call us on 07547241109 to book a slot to drop off your items. Unexpected drops may be turned away if we don't have space.

We ask that you leave your things with us and then we’ll let you know, usually via text, if we’d like to take all or some of your items. Once you’ve let us know you are happy, the credit will remain in the book next to your name, ready to use when you are.